Membership of an IDB includes Elected and Nominated Members.

Elected Members may be any person who owns or occupies land within the Drainage District or is nominated by a landowner or occupier of the drainage district.

Nominated Members may be any person nominated by levy-paying Councils.

Please contact the Clerk should you have an interest in becoming a Member.


The current term of office for Elected Members is 3 years with an election of members at the end of each term.

The next election will take place 31st October 2022.

Further details with regard to the election will be published closer to the time.

Notice of Election 2016

Notice of Results of Election of Members 2016

12 Sept 2019 – LAND DRAINAGE ACT 1991 ADVERT


Board Members

 Mr A Boddy  (Elected)
 Mr P Bielby  (Elected)
 Mr P Cowton  (Elected)
 Mr I Galtrey  (Elected)
 Mr G Robinson  (Elected)
 Mr R C Shedden  (Elected)
1 Vacancy  (Elected)

 Board Members

 Mr R A Spilman  (Elected)
 Mr R Pennock  (Elected)
 Mr J P Strike  (Elected)
 Cllr Anne Hook  (Nominated)
 Mr S Wragg  (Nominated)
Cllr I Sanderson  (Nominated)


Registered office of the IDB

Kyle & Upper Ouse IDB
Club Chambers
Museum Street

Telephone: 01904 655202
Fax: 01904 623456

Chairman: Mr R C Shedden

Vice-Chairman: Mr R A Spilman

Clerk: Mr N Everard (Hunter Gee Holroyd)

Financial Officer: Mrs Jessica Jackson (Hunter Gee Holroyd)

Foreman: Mr D Cowton

Out of Hours Emergency Contact

Please call Mr David Cowton 07889 157 090