Membership of an IDB includes Elected and Nominated Members.

Elected Members may be any person who owns or occupies land within the Drainage District or is nominated by a landowner or occupier of the drainage district.

Nominated Members may be any person nominated by levy-paying Councils.

Please contact the Clerk should you have an interest in becoming a Member


The current term of office for Elected Members is 3 years with an election of members at the end of each term.

2019 is an election year and the IDB with 12 elected seats available. Further information will be provided closer to the time.


Board Members

Andrew Cooke (Elected) David Atkinson (Elected)
Catherine Anderson (Nominated) David Platt (Elected)
Cllr Charlie Hogarth (Nominated) Cllr Debbie White (Nominated)
Chris Crowe (Elected) Wayne Atkins (Nominated)
Robert Robinson (Elected) Cllr John Gilliver (Nominated)
Dave Peart (Nominated) Gillian Ivey (Nominated)
Martin Drake (Elected)

Publications relating to Board conduct;

Members Code of Conduct 

Danvm DC duties and responsibilities of Members

Division & Responsibilites between Chairman and CEO 2016

Schedule of Reserved Matters 2014

Public Forum


Sub Catchments & Drains

Scheme of Delegation 2018


John Duckitt (Elected)
Richard Thompson (Elected)
Martin Falkingham (Elected)
Kyle Heydon (Nominated)
Micheal Rogers (Elected)
Steve Lomas (Elected)
Neil Welburn (Elected)
Terry Grady (Nominated)
Paul Maddison (Nominated)
Barry Roughley (Nominated)
Mel Hobson (Nominated)