Shire Group Of IDBS

The Shire Group is a collection of Internal Drainage Boards IDBs that have been established in areas of special drainage in England. We maintain and undertake works to reduce flood risk to property and manage water levels to meet local needs.

Our members include Ancholme IDB, Black Drain DB, Danvm Drainage Commissioners, Doncaster East IDB, Goole & Airmyn IDB, Goole Fields DDB, Scunthorpe & Gainsborough WMB, Selby Area IDB and Sow & Penk.

The Group collectively covers a total area of 127,303 hectares and maintains 1,950 km of watercourse and 135 pumping stations.  This represents 10.6% of the 1.2 million hectares of low lying land in England, 25% of the total number of IDB pumping stations and 8.8% of the total watercourse

The Shire Group of Internal Drainage Boards is a collection of 10 IDBs and one central admin team;

The team are contracted to work on behalf of the IDBs and provide expertise in land drainage. It’s key role is to ensure the board achieves its goals and objectives and meet the needs of all stakeholders.

It does this by;

Setting a Strategic Direction in Water Level Management

Ensuring Boards meet all Legislation requirements

Run all Operations within the boards area efficiently

Provide Supporting Activities to ensure the Board is run day to day effectively