The Practitioners’ Guide to Proper Practices to be applied by smaller authorities in England

The new ‘Practitioners’ Guide’ on accounting and governance has been being issued today by the Joint Practitioners Advisory Group (JPAG). This is now a uniform guide for all Smaller Authorities in England, including IDBs. As the representative body for IDBs ADA has published the new Guide on ADA’s website along with the pro-forma 2015/16 Annual Return for all smaller authorities. Both of these documents are attached and can also be found in the ‘Guidance & Technical Documents’ section of the ADA Downloads webpage:

Also attached is a letter from Steve Parkinson, Chair of JPAG to ADA regarding the new Guide and 2015/16 Annual Return. All IDBs are advised to read this letter in full in conjunction with the new Guide and Annual Return. ADA supports the recommendations made to Boards within the letter.The earlier 2007 edition of the Practitioners Guide will also remain on the ADA website until 31 December 2016 as suggested within the letter.