Floodex 2016

FLOODEX is not just about flood prevention, but covers WLM holistically, as many believe an integrated approach is needed to future proof Great Britain against the devastating effects of large scale flooding.

Why should you bother?This is your chance to meet dozens of specialists in the supply chain that deliver products, services and technological solutions to control the increasing risk of flood and future proof against the disastrous effects of flooding.

This is an opportunity to save days, weeks and possibly months of legwork, sourcing and communicating with companies, service providers and consultants, having them all under one roof for two days. This is the most efficient use of your time, saving you money and man hours.

You can capitalize on two days of networking opportunities, with Floodex bringing together leaders in the Local Authority, Internal Drainage Board (IDB), designers, consultants, contractors and planners with the supply chain and service providers.

In the light of recent floods and given what forecasts hold, the timing of Floodex could not be better. Anyone with a vested interest in building and development in both urban and rural areas, will need to consider potential flood prevention and damage in large parts of the UK.

FLOODEX will be presenting an integrated approach to WLM development, flood mitigation and prevention, looking at how building for resilience can offer social, health and financial benefits for thousands of people in the