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Watercourse Maintenance Statement 2018

Managing water levels from a Total
Catchment Management perspective

‘Seeking to deliver, a coordinated natural approach to water level management,
acknowledging the synergy between land, water, vegetation, wildlife and natural
resources for this and future generations’

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Dear Ratepayer,
The Danvm Drainage Commissioners are committed to continually improving water
level management provision for the benefit of all ratepayers wherever possible and
practicable. To this end the Board have procured a hydraulic model of its internal
drainage district which has guided the identification of key watercourses that are
fundamental to the operation of the internal drainage system.
These watercourse/drains are now re-defined as ‘primary watercourses’. The
recognition of their significant importance in being able to manage an effective flow of
water through the internal drainage district requires that the Board has clear access to
maintain them as required on an annual basis.
In future, to facilitate a cost-effective watercourse maintenance schedule, the Board is
hereby formally requesting, after the removal of crops in this year 2018, riparian land
owners leave a five metre (5m) buffer strip adjacent to these ‘primary watercourses’
identified on the Boards Website (www.shiregroup-idbs.gov.uk/danvm) or accept the
requirement for access through crop at any time. The Boards preference would be the
implementation of buffer strips wherever possible as these filter phosphates and
nitrates which increase emergent growth within watercourses and degrade water
Should access to these primary watercourses be restricted, then responsibility to
undertake maintenance and permit flow will revert to riparian owner/occupiers.
The Board will seek to work closely with anyone directly affected by this request so
that where possible, through agreement, gates or other suitable structures will also be
put in place to allow the Boards machinery to operate contiguously and continually
along primary watercourses.
Please contact the Office on 01302 337798 should you have any queries.


Maintenance Statement V2 Feb 2018